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Amos' Personality Profile

Amos' Personality Profile

Name: AMOS the Greyhound

Occupation: Professional Entertainer, Moravian College Mascot

Marital Status: Single

Physical Attributes: 6’6”, Gray Hair

Location: Lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I do not smoke or do drugs. I drink socially, occasionally, but only if you leave the seat up!    College level smarts; member of Mensa, but CAN be an absent-minded professor type at times At ease in all social situations -- am comfortable at any event, whether requiring tails or bandanas

Hobbies & Interests: Long walks on the beach in the dog days of summer, making people laugh, running, stirring up excitement, chasing cars and rabbits, having a howling good time

Favorite music: Three Dog Night, Mad Dogs and the Englishmen, Dog Eat Dog, and my favorite: The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

Favorite Snacks: Whatever you are eating, or left out on the counter

Pet Peeve: I have a bone to pick with kids who pull my tail!

Potential Character Flaws: I get maybe a little too excited when I see a rabbit or a cat, when I pass by a tree, and when I go for a car ride.

About me: I’m a confident, feet-on-the-ground type guy, good-natured and playful, with a good sense of humor. I’ve been accused of being serious at least 20% of the time. I’m looking to sniff out new people, get my belly scratched, shake paws, and make new friends. I hope I’m not   barking up the wrong tree when I say “Let’s make merry misadventures and mayhem together -- all the things mascots hold near and dear to our hearts!” And remember Uncle Vinnie’s advice: “Life is too short to eat cheap kibble.”