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Courtnie Lambert

Courtnie Lambert

Year: Senior
Hometown: Hellertown, Pa.
High School: Saucon Valley
Major: Biology


Why did you choose Moravian College?

I chose Moravian because as soon as I stepped on the campus I could feel how tightly knit the community was. Moravian allows me to interact with my professors, focus on my education, and play tennis at a competitive level.   

What is your major and why?
I am majoring in biology. There are new breakthroughs occurring everyday in science and I want to be able to contribute to these. I find it incredibly interesting how everything is interconnected in our environment.  

What has been your favorite course at Moravian and why?
My favorite course has been Aquatic Biology. In the labs we were actually able to go into the field and collect samples. We applied everything we learned in class to our research and it was extremely rewarding. I now know that I want to use my degree in ecological and environmental studies.

What are your plans for the future once you finish your degree at Moravian?
I hope to obtain a career in ecology and spend some time in New England.

What is your most memorable moment as a Greyhound?

I have been lucky enough to spend three years on a team. It is difficult to pick just one memory. I love spending everyday with my teammates and taking long bus rides with them. I have received so much support from my teammates on and off the court.  

How has being an athlete helped you as a student?
Being an athlete has helped me with my time management skills. Balancing classes along with sports is difficult, but it allows me to really focus on the task at hand. It has also helped develop my leadership skills. We’ve always had a small team so every person has the responsibility of being a leader.

What is the hardest part of your sport? I would say the hardest part of the tennis is the mental aspect of the game. It is so individual and it is easy to get down on yourself if you play a few bad games. I try to stay positive throughout the whole match and implement the strategies my coaches suggest. 

Why is community service important to your role as a student-athlete at Moravian?
 Performing community service as a student-athlete develops us into well rounded adults. For tennis we mentor at the local elementary school, a form of community service I would mostly likely not choose. I have enjoyed every minute of it and I have learned more about myself. It is rewarding to help our mentees and give them a role model to look up to.
What advice do you have for a prospective Moravian College student-athlete?
You get out of everything what you put into it. Give 100% at practice and in games. Even on your worst days, you will feel accomplished if you give it your all. Go to the events that your team and the school is running. Support your teammates on and off the field. Enjoy it while you can because these four years fly by.



Color? Maroon

Food? Chocolate and my mom’s chicken casserole (but not together)

Restaurant? Outback

Movie? Pink Panther

TV Show? The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec

Musical Artist? Dave Matthews Band

Athlete? I can’t say I have a favorite athlete, but I admire them all for the amount of work they put into it.

Pro Team? Have to stay faithful to my local Philly teams

Hobbies? Skiing

Most Prized Possession? Family and friends

Biggest Fear? Disappointing people