Amari Schooler

Amari Schooler

Year: Junior
Position/Event: Sprints/Hurdles
Hometown: Hopatcong, N.J.
High School: Hopatcong
Major: Sociology


Why did you choose Moravian College?
Moravian College was not actually my first choice, but one of my lasts and after coming here and looking more intently at the awesome academics Moravian offered I was intrigued. On my first ever visit to this school, the social life of campus was so lively and everyone was so friendly that it made me feel like I was at home all over again.

What is your major and why? 
My major is Sociology. I took an interest in Sociology in high school and I decided to pursue my passion and one day hope to eventually get a degree in it.

What has been your favorite course at Moravian and why? 
Being in my second year of college, my favorite course here at Moravian that I have taken thus far would have to be my Advanced Social Research class. This class is not only informative, but gives out real world situations and leaves with you tools to solve them. From what I learned in this class will help me become successful even after graduation.

What are your plans for the future once you finish your degree at Moravian?
Upon graduation here at Moravian, I either plan on hopefully having a job right out of college or going to graduate school to further my degree in Sociology and hopefully get my masters.

What is your most memorable moment as a Greyhound? 
Only having about a year and a half under my belt here at Moravian, my most memorable moment as a Greyhound thus far would be winning indoor and outdoor conferences for the Women’s Track and Field team.

How has being an athlete helped you as a student and in the classroom?
As an athlete, the busy schedule allows minimal time for homework to be done, so being an athlete allows me time manage what I have to do everyday and although sometimes it can get stressful, I believe in the long run that it actually betters me as a student because I do not slack on the work that has to get done.

What is the hardest part of your sport?
The hardest part of Track and Field is all of our Tuesday workouts (also known as Tempo Tuesday). These workouts train our body to endure more physical exercise within a certain amount of time, but sometimes these workouts can be ridiculously hard on the body.

Name one obstacle or form of adversity you have had to overcome?
An adversity that I had to overcome this track season was a reoccurring injury in my leg.

Why is community service important to your role as a student-athlete at Moravian?
Community service not only shows loyalty to the community, but community service takes the student-athlete outside of their comfort zone and gives back to the community, which is the most important part. Community service, especially for student-athletes, also builds character and character builds leadership.

What advice do you have for a prospective Moravian College student-athlete?
The advice that I can give for a prospective Moravian College student-athlete is that you need to be thankful for being a D3 athlete because it not only gives you time to do your work, but also the sport that you love all while going to school.

Color? Purple
Food? Macaroni and Cheese
Restaurant? Cheesecake Factory
Movie? Uptown Girls
TV Show? Empire
Musical Artist? Beyoncé
Athlete? Sterling Shepard
Pro Team? New York Football Giants
Hobbies? Gymnastics
Most Prized Possession? My Princess Pandora Ring
Biggest Fear? Cave-Crickets