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Moravian College COVID-19 FAQs

The Moravian College Athletic Department is providing the FAQ below to help student-athletes navigate their varsity athletic experience during COVID-19 time.  In addition, information below will help serve as a return to play protocol outlining strategies for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and participation in intercollegiate athletics.



Frequently Asked Questions

What will my fall intercollegiate athletic experience look like?

Moravian College believes in the benefits a team experience provides student-athletes. Planning and organizing for all sport teams to participate in athletic related activities is ongoing and will follow federal, state, and local guidance as well as NCAA recommendations.

Currently all student-athletes will have countable practice sessions during the fall semester. This will include required sessions with our strength and conditioning coaches and sport-specific practices. In addition, there will be opportunities for voluntary workouts with our strength and conditioning coaches.

In addition to athletic related activities, Moravian College Athletics will provide personal development opportunities and educational support.  


When will I know the competition schedule for the winter or spring? 

Moravian College, the Landmark Conference and the Centennial Conference are constantly reviewing the latest NCAA guidance. We are evaluating the most effective approach to implement the guidance and how these plans will influence the winter and spring sport teams. More information will be forthcoming.


What happens if I choose to opt out of participating this year?

Per the NCAA all student-athletes have the choice to opt out of intercollegiate participation this year. If students choose not to take part in athletic activity but would like to take full advantage of their eligibility in the future they should arrange a meeting with Renee Hellert, Associate Athletic Director, to review their plan.


For NCAA student-athletes, what impact would only being able to practice and play a limited number of games have on my athletic eligibility?

The NCAA has provided a blanket waiver to allow students to reclaim their season of eligibility if a season ends prematurely during the 2020-21 academic year due to COVID-19. A student-athlete will not be charged a season of eligibility if their team completes 50% or less of the maximum number of contests. NCAA Ruling


How does the alternative playing and practice seasons option differ from the current bylaws concerning the playing and practice season?

The alternative model, which applies to all Division III sports, primarily differs from the existing regulations as follows: (a) The playing and practice seasons are defined by days; (b) Those days do not have to occur consecutively or in consecutive weeks; (c) There is not a distinction between the traditional and nontraditional segments.

Traditionally, the NCAA has a rule that limits sports to specific times of year and designates the number of weeks a team may participate in their sport. For this academic year, the NCAA has provided flexibility to all teams that allows for 114 days of activity that can occur at any time of year.


Can I play on an external team, while enrolled at Moravian College?

Student-athletes who wish to participate on an external team while attending classes at Moravian must confirm with their head coach that their participation on an external team will not impact their eligibility.

Student-athletes are allowed to compete on external teams outside their playing season (session in the fall) but are not allowed to then take advantage of any athletic services or facilities during this time; these include strength and conditioning and athletic training. Athletes who choose to participate on an external team who want to participate in their program’s assigned session must have 10 days between their last interaction with their external team and their first practice date on campus.


What forms do I need to complete prior to practice?

All student athletes must complete all health forms located in the Health Portal through Amos and all NCAA compliance forms listed in the student-athlete’s Front Rush profile. These forms must be complete and certified by Moravian College staff prior to participation in both countable practices and voluntary workouts.


Do I need to complete the daily COVID-19 screen?

All student-athletes must complete the Moravian College daily COVID-19 screen prior to coming to campus or leaving their dorm for the day. Student-athletes need to show completion of the screen with a green check mark prior to any team practice, voluntary workout, training room access and team/individual meeting with any member of the athletic staff.


Do I have to wear a mask?

If indoors student-athletes must wear masks during warm-ups and downtime. Outdoor practices should wear masks during warm-ups and downtime when six feet of social distancing is not possible. Student-athletes are not required to wear masks when engaged in exertional physical activity. 


Can I access athletic facilities outside a scheduled practice time?

Student-athletes may have access to athletic facilities similar to the general student body (similar availability as last year). The Athletic Department recommends that all student-athletes follow the CDC guidelines in reference to hand washing, social distancing and masks. Student-athletes must follow Moravian College requirements and wear a mask when six feet social distancing is not possible. Limited equipment will be available during these times, any equipment used by the student must be sanitized after usage by the participant.

The Performance Center will remain closed for the beginning of the semester. The strength and conditioning team will have equipment located in the Breidegam Field House, athletes must check with the strength and conditioning staff for further information and access.

The Athletic Training Room will be open to all athletes throughout the semester. This is on an appointment based system. Appointments must be made in advance at

The campus-wide fitness center is open. Hours of operation and information on how to reserve your spot are located on the fitness center website -


Will student-athletes have access to a team locker room?

Student-athletes will have an assigned locker room during their official team session.  

Locker room access will be during practice sessions only, this will include a 30 minute buffer prior or post practice. We are asking that athletes leave minimal personal belongings in the locker room.


Will my practice gear be cleaned?

Student-athletes will only be issued practice gear that is essential during their session. All practice gear will be cleaned thoroughly after each practice session by the equipment room staff.