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Moravian College Compliance Center


Moravian Compliance Coordinators
Member Conferences
Resources for Prospective Student-Athletes
Resources for Current Student-Athletes
Resources for Transfer Student-Athletes



Moravian College is a DIII member institution. Moravian belongs to the Landmark Conference for Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Track & Field, Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Field Hockey and Golf. Moravian belongs to the Centennial Conference for Football.

The Moravian College Athletic Department strives to create an atmosphere of compliance and support for our student-athletes academically and athletically. Moravian College follows all NCAA rules and regulations, as well as member Conference policies. The following page provides information that may be helpful for current Moravian student-athletes, as well as prospective recruits.  


II.  Moravian College Athletics Compliance Coordinators

Renee Hellert
Associate Athletic Director, Senior Women's Administrator

Bob Ward
Head Athletics Trainer/Assistant Athletic Director


III. Member Conferences

The Following Links provide access to Moravian College’s member institutions:

Landmark Website

Centennial Website


IV. Resources for Prospective Student-Athletes

The following links are designed to answer questions and educate potential Moravian College Student-Athletes:

Recruiting Communication Guide

NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

Moravian College Recruiting Guide

NCAA Eligibility Center


V. Resources for Current Student-Athletes

The Following links are designed to provide support for current Moravian Student-Athletes:

Moravian College Student-Athlete Handbook

NCAA DIII Most Frequently Violated Rules

NCAA Summary of DIII Regulations

NCAA Banned Substance List


VI. Resources for Transfer Student-Athletes

The following links are designed to provide support for potential transfer Student-Athletes:

NCAA DIII Self-Release Permission to Contact Form

NCAA Guide for Transfers

Moravian College Recruiting Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can a school contact a prospective student-athlete?

A: The NCAA prohibits off-campus contact with potential student athletes until the prospect has completed their second year of high-school (Bylaw 13.16.1)


Q: Can DIII school’s like Moravian offer Athletic Scholarships?

A: DIII member institutions cannot award financial aid based on athletics leadership, ability, participation or performance (Bylaw 15.4)


Q: What are the limits to social media contact between potential student-athletes and head coaches?

A: A PSA may follow a head coach on social media applications such as facebook, twitter, and instagram. A head coach may not follow a PSA on this applications. Click here for more specifics on the social media regulations.


Q: When can I schedule an official visit?

A: Member institutions can finance one visit to campus for prospective student-athletes. A prospective student-athlete can not schedule an official visit until after January 1st of their Junior year of high-school.


Q: What are the academic requirements to be eligible to be a DIII athlete?

A: A student-athlete must be considered to be in “good academic standing” to be a student-athlete. A student-athlete must also be enrolled in enough to courses to be considered a full-time student at their institution. The requirements of “good academic standing” vary in accordance with different conferences.

Q: What makes DIII athletics unique from other divisions?

DIII is the largest division in NCAA athletics, with over 80,000 student-athletes at 450 institutions. DIII offers athletes the opportunity to focus on academics and opportunities available on campus while competing competitively in the sport they are passionate about, without the obligation of an athletics scholarship. The NCAA offers a more detailed explanation of the division here.