Moravian College Sports Performance Center Lifted to New Heights

Moravian College Sports Performance Center Lifted to New Heights

BETHLEHEM, Pa. --- Moravian College spent two weeks this summer renovating its sports performance center in Johnston Hall. This project has been in development for the past 8 months.

Director of Strength and Conditioning and Fitness Center Director, Zach Houghton led the development and remodel the college's 3,200 square foot sports performance center in the early weeks of August. The room is now equipped with 12 new Hammer Strength half racks, Intek Olympic bumper plates, new rubber flooring and inlaid platforms, along with 28 yards of field turf.

"The room was great when I got here back in August of 2014, we just had the opportunity to take the room to a new level," said Houghton. "We would not have been able to make this happen without help from administrative staff and the whole athletic department."

The sports performance center has grown from six original power racks and four platforms into double the complete workspace with 12 racks and 12 platforms. Images of athletes have been put on the walls, and a brand new sound system installed. The newly added turf will provide a new workspace for the athletes with the ability to push and pull sleds, do small team agilities, among various other exercises.

"As a strength and conditioning staff we are continuing to build a culture within the athletic department. This room gives us the opportunity to keep moving forward and make us better at our jobs. We will be more efficient, training more teams at one time, and continue to impact the lives of the young people around us. I am very proud to be a part of a place where we have continued to receive great support from the college," Houghton said.

Moravian's student-athletes have already been hard at work in the newly renovated facility, and the response has been phenomenal.

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