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2017 Moravian College Cheerleader Tryouts

2017 Moravian College Cheerleader Tryouts

Appearance is an important part of the selection process during tryouts; candidates should always be ‘game ready’ throughout the tryout process. As a Moravian Cheerleader you are always in front of a crowd at appearances, during games or participating in on field/court promotions.

Women- Makeup done and hair styled as you would on Game Day. Wear a t-shirt/tank, cheer shorts (all in Moravian colors), white socks and cheer sneakers.

All skills will be judged on a comparison of those trying out.

MATERIAL: Please take the time to learn material before tryouts. (Video on Facebook page)
Sideline Chants
Band Dances

TUMBLING: Although tumbling is not required to make the squad, it is highly suggested. If you don’t have the skills below, we recommend attending some classes during summer to work on them. For try-outs you will need to show you highest skill in both standing tumbling & running tumbling. See examples below...

Cartwheel, Front Walkover/ Front Handspring, Back Walkover,Standing Back Handspring, Standing Tuck.

Round-off, Round-off Backhandspring, Round- off Tuck, etc.

All skills will be judged on a comparison of those trying out. Example of skills each person will be judged on.
Liberty/heel stretch- full down/double down
Full up variation
Transition sequence
Shoulder stand (top or base)
Three-High Skills (Top- Middle- Base)

If you are interested in trying out for the 2017-18 Moravian College Cheerleading Team, please register with coach:
Ashley Melchionna