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Looking Ahead to Spring 2016 - January 27, 2016

Many of the players on both teams have visited the office. It would seem that almost all are optimistic with regard to the upcoming spring season. Attendance at physical training sessions has been very good since the beginning of this semester, and many of the players have been training while on break. According to the trainer it was apparent which players were working out and which players were eating cookies! In any case the players are readying themselves for a competitive spring.

This spring will be a challenge for both teams. The men’s team is competitive with any team in the league, and we had an influx of new players on the women’s team that could be game changers. Narrow margins of victory are going to be the key to success. Though the fall season is geared toward the individual, the spring season tends more toward team values. With that said, individuals will have to come through as 5 – 4 or 6 – 3 teams score will make the difference.

In the fall I challenged both teams to distinguish themselves as competitors, teammates, students and people. There is no player on either team that I do not think has lived up to expectations. Both teams are undefeated, many players donate time to teaching tennis to elementary students, grades are high, and I have seen many examples of teammates supporting each other. Both tennis teams can be proud of who they are, and I am proud to be their coach!

So here we go…

Coach Heverly




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From time to time, Head Men's Tennis Coach Alan Heverly will give an update on the program. 
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